Resolution You Say?


New Year, New Me! I literally can’t stand that bulls***! I believe that people change over time and sometimes that process can be fast or slow, I just can’t seem to understand the whole “NEW ME” thing when a New year rolls around… am I wrong? I do understand the feeling of a re-write, that you can change the way you do things in a new year, spruce things up a bit and hit the highs but this new person isn’t going to happen over night right?

I don’t really believe in resolutions, I feel it puts pressure on people to achieve something straight away, while leaving you with a sense of guilt if you don’t “achieve” what you promised yourself you would do at the beginning of the year. I do however, believe in writing down goals and affirmations that are not just for the year but for your life ahead. So for me here are the five things I didn’t do enough of in 2016 and I do want to achieve them in 2017 and for the future too. Continue reading