NTAS & London

DSC00767 DSC00832 DSC00887So this week has been quite exciting for me, I got to take a trip to my favourite city in England… London! I had the amazing opportunity to go to the NTAS which was amazing!! (You can buy tickets to be in the audience! Who’d have thought?!?) It was amazing getting to see up close and personal, the people you let into your living room on a daily basis, and it was quite funny to hear other audience members calling the actors by their character names too! Highlight of the night, getting to see the one and only momager her self Kris Jenner (or is it Kardashian now?) and David Tennant who won the special recognition award!

My next port of call while in London was to check out Liberty’s, in all the times I have spent in London, the weeks doing work experience and the weekend trips away, I have NEVER ventured one foot into this very well known shopping destination (bad fashion lover!). However after watching Liberty’s on the T.V I realised this was one place not to be missed, walking around I realised “Yep, the tv makes EVERYTHING look bigger!!” I actually felt a little bit claustrophobic in there but it was wonderful, I just wish it hadn’t have been so busy in there so I could have a proper moment to take it all in!