My Top 5 Tips on Saving Money

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Gold Candle Holders – TKMaxx, Leopard Print Candle Holders – Primark

As some of you may know, ok only if you are one of my friends reading this, then you will know I save hard as much as I spend hard! I’m not really a bargain hunter unlike my friend Rhea, she always finds the best deals she seriously needs to start a blog on it!

However saving is always something I have done since I was a little kid, when I would steal one and two pence pieces out of my dads coat pocket and claim them as my own! I still even have the red dustbin box I got for Christmas one year when I was around 6 or 7, which at the time was filled with sweets, but once it empty I promptly asked my dad to cut a hole init so I could start saving my pennies!

So here goes my top 5 tips!

1. Save the pennies – seriously get a money box, preferably one of those that you can’t open which are like £1 from the pound shop, especially if you like dipping into it if you need spare change! It may take a little while to save up but honestly I’ve just deposited around £170 worth of change back into my savings account **pat on the back for me**

2. Shop around – I myself rarely do this, and I only do it when I’m seriously in the mood and in desperate need/want of something, but shop around! Take a look at a few different websites/shops when you want something, especially if its expensive because more then likely you will find it cheaper somewhere else or find something similar that has better reviews. For example a few years ago when I was really into hardcore swimming, I wanted an underwater MP3 player. At the time the best on the market was around £50 way too expensive but after doing my research I found out it actually wasn’t that good and the cheaper version for around £20 was better and more cost effective for my budget!

3. Use voucher sites – Again not something I really do as I don’t tend to shop online all that often but when I do I’ll head over to Google and search voucher code for so and so website and usually something will come up. Another site I have recently joined up to is Quidco…you get money BACK for SHOPPING! I think it takes a little while for the money to go into you Quidco account but none the less just see it as another savings account!

4. Picking the right credit card – Well this one I suppose can be a tricky one as this post is really about saving money not spending it! Ha! However if you must have credit card – again – do your research as there is LOADS! If you like to spend the money and only pay a set amount back each month I would pick a 0% on balances so you don’t get stung by interest fees at the end of each month. However if you are a savvy credit card user and like to or can pay off the full balance of your credit card, firstly lucky you! (I rarely know a lot of people that do this) and secondly get a credit card where you get rewarded like a points card or cash back one!

5. Make lunch at home – Simple yet effective. You have probably heard this all before but seriously buying that £4 lunch from Pret everyday seriously adds up for example £20 a week or £1040 a year! This doesn’t even include that weekend Starbucks you treat yourself to every Saturday!

I do have at least 5 more but I realised this post was getting insanely long! What are your money saving tips?