Bitch Please You Ruined Your Tee

DSC00761 DSC00762 DSC00763

Bitch Please Tee –, Clutch- New Look, Perfume- Bootsย 

Here I am again…blogging…as promised! This week hasn’t been filled with much excitement to say the least. I had college Mon-Tues (currently studying hairdressing, but thats a whole other post) I finally came to (be-grudgingly) the decision to download Photoshop to my new computer, as it would seem you can’t cross over your license from ย PC to a MAC! Annoyed wasn’t even the word! It’s just I’m so used to using the Abobe format I literally cannot be bothered to teach myself a new format, I did try though, honest! I downloaded Gimp (freebie) but I just couldn’t wrap my head around things that would be so simple in Photoshop but for Gimp would be a few extra clicks here or there. Not that I am a complete Photoshop whizz kid, it took me long enough to figure out the WordPress format! Ha!

However I did go out Friday night (it’s now Sunday & I have finally recovered!) and in a short last minute let’s go out panic, I decided I had nothing to wear *cough, cough*! I did but unfortunately for me none of it fits (again a whole other blog post) so I decided in my head that “I’m a creative type right?!” WRONG! Cut my Bitch please Tee and completely f**k** it up, whoops. So I had to dig out something else, I also got to wear my lovely new New Look boots!ย