The Plastics T-shirt seen on Nicola McLean


I am so so excited about this great piece of coverage this week! As I am about to step in to the New Year, I have ended 2016 on a complete high! Seeing on of my t-shirts featured in the Daily Star  on Nicola McLean is massive for me! It is currently rumored that the blonde bombshell is about to step in to the Celeb Big Brother house and I could not be more excited to see how she gets on if she goes in there. I have been a fan of the show for the past couple of years and unfortunately didn’t get to see her the first time around in 2012.

So good luck Nicola! My vote is on you!


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Advertisements Relaunch 2015

summer 15 bannerThis is very exciting for me! I’ve actually been able to shut down my website for a couple of days to launch my very first Spring/Summer line! Expect bright colours and beach themed slogans on great light weight vests and tanks which are amazeballs for the coming summer months and especially on those wild or chilled out summer holidays! I know I’ll be taking a few with me on my jollys this year! I’ve even introduced a gym wear section with uplifting gym quotes to motivate you and even me to get that summer body!

So don’t forget to head over to on Sunday 24th May 2015 to shop the new collection!


Outfit and New Sofa

DSC00908 new-sofa-1 new-sofa-2 new-sofa-3Jacket- Wallis, Top- River Island, Scarf – New Look, Bag – Michael Kors, Sofa – DFS

Hello you lovely lot, this week hasn’t been as exciting as last weeks escapade to London, however it was my Mums Birthday on Thursday, so my Dad and I took her out to Frankie and Benny’s for a birthday meal and a dash around the shops at Fosse Park, which had to be cut short due to the weather! I’m so glad I had my New Look scarf with me to wrap around myself as it was super cold and windy that day.

Also this week I had the arrival of a new addition to my little place, I got a new sofa, which I had waited 5 weeks for!! It’s so plush and comfy I love it! My last one was a smallish corner one from Argos which I had had for 5 years and was practically on it’s last legs due to sleepovers and prancing around on it like a stage while I was still living in Derby! So it was definitely time for a new one and definitely no standing on this one!

As you can see from the foot stool I have started reading #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, I won’t go in to too much detail of what I think as I haven’t finished it yet and I will write a review post about it in the next week, however it has given me a bit of a kick up the bum with my own brand




Bitch Please You Ruined Your Tee

DSC00761 DSC00762 DSC00763

Bitch Please Tee –, Clutch- New Look, Perfume- Boots 

Here I am again…blogging…as promised! This week hasn’t been filled with much excitement to say the least. I had college Mon-Tues (currently studying hairdressing, but thats a whole other post) I finally came to (be-grudgingly) the decision to download Photoshop to my new computer, as it would seem you can’t cross over your license from  PC to a MAC! Annoyed wasn’t even the word! It’s just I’m so used to using the Abobe format I literally cannot be bothered to teach myself a new format, I did try though, honest! I downloaded Gimp (freebie) but I just couldn’t wrap my head around things that would be so simple in Photoshop but for Gimp would be a few extra clicks here or there. Not that I am a complete Photoshop whizz kid, it took me long enough to figure out the WordPress format! Ha!

However I did go out Friday night (it’s now Sunday & I have finally recovered!) and in a short last minute let’s go out panic, I decided I had nothing to wear *cough, cough*! I did but unfortunately for me none of it fits (again a whole other blog post) so I decided in my head that “I’m a creative type right?!” WRONG! Cut my Bitch please Tee and completely f**k** it up, whoops. So I had to dig out something else, I also got to wear my lovely new New Look boots