About Me

about me

This isn’t my first blog that I have ever written, however I hope it will be my last, (it took me long enough how to figure out how to use wordpress lol) Naked Boutique, the name anyway started out in early 2014, however one of my many motto’s, which no doubt will be tossed around on here a few times “Naked except for the clothes I wear” has long been with me since I really started to take an interest in clothes, i.e around about the same time my mum stopped buying clothes for me! I started this blog mainly as I found a lot of people generally ask me two things, “What is it you use?” and “Where did you get that from?” and after starting my own clothing line in April of this year I found myself missing writing about random things I’ve purchased and my latest beauty loves. 

So here we are Naked Boutique the blog was born.


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