Resolution You Say?


New Year, New Me! I literally can’t stand that bulls***! I believe that people change over time and sometimes that process can be fast or slow, I just can’t seem to understand the whole “NEW ME” thing when a New year rolls around… am I wrong? I do understand the feeling of a re-write, that you can change the way you do things in a new year, spruce things up a bit and hit the highs but this new person isn’t going to happen over night right?

I don’t really believe in resolutions, I feel it puts pressure on people to achieve something straight away, while leaving you with a sense of guilt if you don’t “achieve” what you promised yourself you would do at the beginning of the year. I do however, believe in writing down goals and affirmations that are not just for the year but for your life ahead. So for me here are the five things I didn’t do enough of in 2016 and I do want to achieve them in 2017 and for the future too.

My 5 Non Resolutions

Take care of myself more.

See how I didn’t put lose weight here *ha*, and because as much as I do want to lose a few pounds, I’m not not going to make it the focus in my life. I want to take care of the whole of me, not just the wobbly bits at the front and back *haha*. So from getting my nails done occasionally to simply eating healthier, I want the whole experience not just the lose weight part.

Go out more and socialize.

This is something that was seriously lacking in 2016. I went out twice…twice! I went from being the ultimate party girl going out 2-3 times a week, to literally never, now this is not me. So this is something in my life I would like to adjust.

Working Virgo Seven Full Time.

Now not many people would believe this but Virgo Seven is not my full time job, I would love it to be but having your own business especially in the fashion sector is hard! I still have bills to pay so a regular income right now is still needed, but hopefully this will change and V7 will become my one and only!

Learn a new skill.

I love, love, love different things in my life from travelling, reading and many other things, but something not many people know is I love photography, I took it for my A-Levels way back when, at a time when DSLRs where even more expensive than they are now and we were still being taught how to develop film. This was possibly the best course I had taken, and I would love to pick it back up and learn how to use a manual digital camera.

Travel more, worry less.

I love going on holiday, so I would like to do more of this in the future, places I would love to visit are Australia, Bali and Thailand. Then I would like to worry a bit less, about love, life, business…EVERYTHING!

What are your non resolutions?




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