New Boots






As promised blogging is starting to become something I do on a regular basis, I’m not just going to sit here and blog about NKDBoutique all day because as much as I love my brand I do like other clothing brands too and not everyone is a fan of the slogan t-shirt.So I’m going to sit here and tell you about my beautiful sale purchase that I made in New Look, in Leicester city centre (the one across from Primark). I don’t usually go in there when I shlep through town, however a friend of mine and I were on a bargain hunt in the boxing day (yes boxing day, I can here the gasps and see the judgemental glares you are all giving me lol) sales and oh boy was I on a mission! I hadn’t been shopping in so long and with Christmas money/savings burning a whole in my studded H&M bag who was I to refuse a good nosey around the shops? I wasn’t really that interested in buying any shoes at the time if i’m completely honest, as I was more interested in heading to Boots and getting my Jack Wills half price bathing set. However heading into New Look we thought “why not, one more shop won’t hurt!” I stumbled across these little beauties! And even more exciting they fit….EVEN MORE EXCITING was the fact they were ÂĢ11!! So I held on to them for dear life and practically ran to the till point before someone stole them off me! In all honestly I haven’t worn them yet so I couldn’t tell you how comfy they are, but they are wide fit so I’m assuming pretty darn comfy! I just love a good cross over shoe, something that can take you effortlessly from day to night! Tell me what are your favourite sale purchases so far?



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